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You can now feel confident that your website will run at top speeds with zero downtime.

Our latest-gen hardware and complete, 5-sided support will make you proud to host with EuroVPS.

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"Roughly 2 years ago we signed on with EuroVPS and have never looked back. Incredible service, fantastic hosting. No downtime. No security issues."
Blaine Smith

All the power you need, in one affordable package.

Harness the performance of your own Virtual Server with the experience of an expert team ready to support you.


The perfect entry point for getting into a managed VPS.
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 60GB SSD Storage
  • 1 IP Address
  • 4TB Bandwidth
or €420 with annual term
Most popular
Reliable and fast


Double the resources without doubling the price.
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 120GB SSD Storage
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • 8TB Bandwidth
or €630 with annual term


The resources you need to safely handle larger workloads.
  • 8 CPU Core
  • 240GB SSD Storage
  • 3 IP Addresses
  • 16TB Bandwidth
or €1,050 with annual term
Windows OS available.

Delivered fully managed

  • Free migration
  • 24/7 support with live chat
  • Proactive SNMP and HTTP monitoring
  • Advanced performance tuning support
  • No overage charges for "extra" support hours

Add-on resources

CPU Cores€10
RAM Memory (GB)€7
SSD Storage (GB)€0.15
Bandwidth (TB)€10
IP Addresses€5
cPanel (up to 5 accounts)€15
cPanel (up to 30 accounts)€20
cPanel (up to 100 accounts)€35
Plesk (up to 30 domains)€5
Plesk (Unlimited domains)€15

Are you tired of slow websites, downtime, and server issues?

Experience trouble-free hosting while giving your customers the load speeds they deserve with our managed VPS hosting service.

No more interruptions because of downtime

No more debugging server problems

No more stressing about security or performance issues

Focus on your business while we keep your VPS fast, secure, and online

"It's not easy to find a service like EuroVPS, I've had a chance to try their VPS performance and I've been thrilled, but the important thing is the people who manage it, their approach is really human and able to listen to the needs of customers."
Andrea Porcu

Grow and convert your traffic with a super-fast website

Your customers don't want a slow website. We'll make sure your website loads quickly with latest-gen hardware and free performance services.
FREE Performance Optimization
Just ask, and we'll happily analyse your website and webstack configuration to identify, help fix any performance issues.
FREE Human Powered Migration
We manage the migration fully in-house with personal care so you won’t have to lift a finger.
"Good support from humans who care is very hard to find. We found it."
Gavin and Christina
Co-Founders at The Groundwork
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We'll stop at nothing to get you sub 1 second load times

Get your own virtual server hand-built for your requirements and CMS of choice. Our customers often see a 70% decrease in CPU usage and disk latency thanks to caching. Result? You can do more with less resources so can decrease your infrastructure spend.
  • A waterfall scan on your website with suggestions on low lying fruit opportunities to improve your performance.
  • Optional high performance webstacks using tools like NGiNX, Varnish, and Memcache.
  • Experience optimizing for the most popular CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.

Stop wasting time fixing server issues

We'll make sure your server is secure and running efficiently, so you can enjoy total peace-of-mind without lifting a finger.
"We just open a ticket and you guys respond very quickly and provide us with everything we need."
Saulo Marchi
Co-Founder at
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Proactive monitoring and bug fixing
We'll monitor your website like it's our own. In the case of any issues, we’ll uncover what’s wrong and fix it for free. Learn more
Daily backups with images stored for 30 days
We don't believe in charging extra for backups. Backups are a requirement at EuroVPS. Just like you're required to have insurance when you buy a car. Certain things - you take seriously. Your data, being one of them Learn more

We're always happy to help, no matter what time it is

24/7/365 coverage for any day-to-day issues that come up.
  • Daemon/service troubleshooting
  • PHP module installation
  • Cronjob support
  • FTP and SFTP support
  • Adding domains
  • cPanel and Plesk support
  • cPanel plugin installations
  • Plesk plugin installations
  • Email troubleshooting
  • OS/server reinstalls
  • Custom software installation
  • Control panel installation and setup
  • Installation of security patches and updates
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • CMS Installation (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  • Control panel plugin support
  • SpamAssassin support
  • CloudLinux installations
  • LiteSpeed installations
  • SSL certificate installations
  • Native NGiNX webserver support

Fast, reliable, and scalable.
Built on enterprise-hardware.

Top-of-class, HP Enterprise Blade Servers
The compute muscle of our cloud is powered by HP BladeSystem c7000’s. Blade enclosures are much more efficient than traditional rack-mount servers in terms of power usage, physical rack space, and cabling.
Intel Xeon processors for super-fast load times
Experience the power of Intel Xeon E5 processors — truly enterprise-grade processors with huge L2/L3 caches.
High-availability Cisco network
We use Cisco VSS (virtual switching system) technology throughout the core and distribution layers which helps with redundancy and also network throughput by pooling together multiple physical chassis to work as a single virtual domain.
Enterprise network monitoring
Security is further advanced by 24/7/365 monitoring within our datacenter using enterprise grade platforms such as ManageEngine OpManager, and Cisco’s Network Analysis Module (NAM2).
Fibre Channel Storage
Fibre Channel is the fastest performing disk technology as there is zero latency from the moment data leaves the SAN’s bus to the point where it reaches the blades HBA cards, unlike ISCI which is frame based.
Redundant Storage Systems
Our SANs are configured in a 100.00% fully fault tolerant configuration. We must have dual supervisors (controllers), dual Fibre loops, dual SAS loops, dual front end loops, basically - if it has to do with storage, every single component has to be redundant and be able to operate independently.

Easy for businesses. Loved by developers.

Gain complete control over your server.

No matter what CMS you use, we can help you make it fly!


Servers centrally located in the heart of Europe

Get low latency to all of Europe.


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Top rated by customers like you

is rated Excellent
9.5 out of 10 on
"My main page load time dropped from 6 seconds to 1.5"
Morten Magnusson
Founder of Norways
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“Hosting done right. Struggled for nearly 8 years to find a good host. We went through every big name and then some. Roughly 2 years ago we signed on with EuroVPS and have never looked back”
Blaine Smith
"Been using EuroVPS for around 3 years now. Their service is impeccable and super competitive pricing. Whenever I needed support, the team solved my issues in no time and in a very professional manner. Highly recommended!"
Michael Gatt

When you need unrivaled performance, support, and reliability...

See how we stack up to the alternatives:
EuroVPS Go Daddy
Starting from€50/m$60.99/m$104.99/m$59/m$72/m
How their entry plans compare
CPU Cores24122
IP Addresses12111
How we're different
Human Powered Migrations
Quarterly security audits
Free Hacked Site Cleanup
Transparent Support Coverage
NGiNX Support
Proactive HTTP & SNMP monitoring
Website Speed Tuning

Using any of these providers?

Migrate to EuroVPS and get your second month free.
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You should upgrade to a Cloud Server if your website exceeding the architectural limits of your Shared or Reseller Hosting. This is the answer that provides increased performance, scalability, and isolation from other customers at a relatively affordable price premium.

  • 100% Guaranteed Resources
  • Root Access
  • Custom Security Policies
  • Capability to install software
  • Private Name Servers
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Your own Mail server
  • Ability to stop/restart server at will

You can use it for hosting your websites, CRM, ERP, email, forum, and much much more. Essentially, there are no limits as to what you can do as long as it is legal, and the resource usage stays within the bounds of what you’ve subscribed.

Orders are usually provisioned within 20-30 minutes. To ensure that your order is provisioned in the quickest timeframe possible, please ensure acccount information is valid. All orders pass through a manual security screening which may delay provisioning in certain cases.

When you’ve reached the upper limits of your current plan, you can either upgrade to the next plan, or you can alternatively upgrade specific components. For example, if you only require 1GB RAM, but don’t need more disk space, this is possible.

VPS Servers are delivered Fully Managed. Learn more about our support coverage here.

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