Performance Services

Managed DevOps

We act like a part of your team

We can help design and build your devops system, working with your developers and project staff. Leverage our extensive experience in Rest API’s, Python, and Ruby on Rails.

Customers who need this are continuous delivery IT shops. They need an automated and repeatable way to build, manage, and configuring environments and deliver and test code. As part of the Agile approach to programming, your developers write unit and natural-language functional tests using different frameworks.

We use Jenkins, Chef, and Puppet to run the build and then push all of that to test, staging, or production. We use this code to configure networks, virtual machines and storage, and build environments as well as tear them down. Finally, devops includes log analysis, security, and performance monitoring.

Business Benefits

Automate Builds:

Devops is a tool, not just an approach. When your developers commit code we automatically push it to the test environment and kick off unit and functional tests. Chef, Jenkins, and Puppet pulls that from Git then kicks off the build script. Quality assurance is built into the process.

Extend Your Team:

One of the main reasons you are using cloud computing is to have fewer people administer more machines, thus saving on cost per machine. The devops model supports that because you leverage our experience and get to add our devops architect to your team, but without having to hire one of those.

LogStash, Kibana, and Elasticsearch:

We use the ELK stack (LogStash, Kibana, and Elasticsearch) to parse logs to run analytics, kick off notifications, and create visualizations (live dashboards). We use this for performance monitoring, security, and to gather specific metrics you request and create alerts.

Play Well With Others:

We recognize that in hybrid and public cloud infrastructure, companies will often utilize different cloud providers for different systems. We support 3rd party clouds too and can push code and configuration to Amazon AWS, Azure, RackSpace (OpenStack), and others using their APIs, Chef, and Puppet.

Performance Monitoring:

We have a view of performance monitoring that is grounded in common sense. It is a key part of devops. Performance monitoring in and of itself is not useful is not an end in itself. Instead its goal is to head off trouble before customers notice that.


It depends what your needs are. Let's talk, we'd be happy to give you quick estimate.