Performance Services

Managed Load Testing

Find the limits of your website and application

Load testing helps you find the limits of your website and application and guarantees your site or application will be able to handle large traffic spikes without service disruption.

Get real-world metrics for your website’s performance under extremely heavy load with managed load testing. You will receive expert analysis on how much load your setup can sustain, and what can be done to improve it.

Load testing validates that your hosting setup can sustain high (yet realistic) traffic spikes. Unlike many other web-based load testing services, our service is fully managed. We don’t just offer the tools required to carry out the test, but most importantly, you’ll get our insight on actionable suggestions to improve your performance and identify your largest bottlenecks.

Problems Load Testing Solves:

  • Consistent low performance under heavy loads
  • Unable to identify performance bottlenecks
  • Expensive downtimes during product launches
  • Upgrade path unclear (throwing money at the problem with uncertain results)

Business Benefits

Completely Managed Solution

EuroVPS performance team manages the entire test process from start to finish, ensuring execution is performed quickly and effectively the first time. EuroVPS Full-Service is a turnkey, project-based approach to addressing app and website load testing and performance optimization project needs.

Decipher the Test Results

We’ll work with your developers to find the limits of your app and hosting infrastructure; giving you transparency into potential performance bottlenecks and a clear understanding of the best strategies to scale your web application now and into the future.

Identify your weakest links

EuroVPS provide a fully managed load testing service enables you to instantly (and inexpensively) burst up to 100,000 concurrent users against your app in seconds from multiple points of presence around the world.

Unlimited Followup Tests

We do not charge per test. You can test your application or website unlimited times until you fix your performance problem. We use and can show you the graphs and run down of your tests so you can see the results for yourself.


Pricing begins at €199 per website test which includes load testing simulating up to 100,000 concurrent requests per second, along with a .PDF executive summary.
Yes, you will receive a followup .PDF report with analytical observations and recommendations based on the load testing data.
To get started, click here to request a followup message from one of our engineers. Pricing is variable depending on the complexity of the tests requested.