Performance Services

Performance Audit

Is your website slow and you have no idea why?

We’ll uncover your most disruptive performance bottlenecks, get help spotting performance bottlenecks. Our web performance audit service will show you exactly what you have to fix in order to achieve sub .5-second load times.

Identifying performance bottlenecks is pretty straightforward for simple websites. But the complexity increases when dealing with dynamic applications and websites with many moving parts. There’s nothing more frightening than having to face a serious problem, in complete darkness. We can help you accurately diagnose performance problems, and prescribe actionable suggestions for permanent cures.

How we can help:

  • Expose the real reasons why your pages are loading slow
  • Provide .PDF reports with detailed actionable suggestions
  • Create a plan for how to load faster than your top-10 competitors
  • Test performance across different devices
  • Prevent conversion rate dips and frustrated web users

Business Benefits

Independent 3rd Party Audit

Professionals understand the value of 3rd party professional validation. There’s no shame in asking for a second opinion. On the contrary, it’s best practice to third-party validate all your important startup launches and deployments before launches.

Our team works well with startups and can work 1:1 with to create a detailed performance audit, and optional load testing to give you the confidence you need to launch on the right foot.

Target your top-10 competitors

Your website is only fast if it is faster than your competition’s website. For every business decision you make, you need to have a goal. And when it comes to performance, what better goal than loading faster than your top 10 competitors? Performance audits will reveal how you standup to your largest competitors.

We take the time to discuss your business’s competitive landscape, and wont stop bugging you until we have a solid list of your top 10 competitors. We will then do a light-weight performance audit on their websites to see how you stack up.

Experience with the most popular CMS

We don’t claim to be experts in all CMS. But when it comes to the most popular CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, Magento, Prestashop, we’re plug and play!

This experience is what makes the difference between a 4-7 day period of suffering while trying to find that “best” configuration for your ‘my.cnf’, or being completely up and running in 5 minutes, because your support team has seen every open source application before on a massive scale, and knows just what to set ‘that setting’ to, to make your site fly.


Free performance audits are included at no extra cost with our standard management plan. For comprehensive performance audits with a .PDF report, a custom quote is required.
We start with the low-lying fruit, and that's usually front-end code tweaks. We start by scanning your (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and multimedia using water-fall tools for the easy performance wins. We then turn to your backend and can analyse SQL queries, middleware, and caching. We stick by a hybrid approach that includes both front-end and back-end code audits.
Absolutely! Our web performance optimisation audit report will give you a set of actionable recommendations that you can implement yourself. But if you need us to go from A-Z, our experienced performance specialists can implement all recommendations for you.
We have carried out performance audits for brands such as CNN, MTV, People Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Mens Health, and Instyle.