Performance Services

Optimized Webstacks

Standard Webstacks

  • You can still use cPanel or Plesk
  • Host many websites on a single server with ease
  • Low learning curve, easy to use .htaccess
  • More affordable management and lower support overhead.

The LAMP stack (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) is the most popular stack used to host sites today.

It’s easy to manage, secure, and can scale decently to handle medium-sized traffic spikes (if properly optimized).

We can help squeeze the best performance possible out of your LAMP server.

Below is a list of all of the things we’ll support for you

Apache Webserver Support:

We adjust Apache parameters, PHP configurations & versions, as well as compile custom Apache/PHP stacks upon request.

NGiNX reverse proxy support:

We’ll help you setup NGiNX reverse proxy which is a powerful caching layer with NGiNX as a reverse caching proxy for static files like CSS, JS, and images. This “micro-cache” can drastically increases the number of concurrent requests you can serve and is really easy to set up for us.

Specific cPanel plugin installation:

We support stable cPanel plugins that we believe help improve performance. Supported plugins include xVarnish, Engintron, and CloudFlare.

LiteSpeed webserver support:

Support covers the installation, configuration, and maintenance of LiteSpeed Webserver. LiteSpeed is drop-in replacement for Apache which takes minutes to install and has massive performance benefits. Licensing is sold separately.

MySQL optimization support:

Our engineers will ensure that your database configuration files are optimized for your specific usage patterns. For complex remote DBA support, custom pricing may apply.

CloudLinux optimization support:

We can help you configure CloudLinux to use PHP selector, Optimum Cache (though it’s not always helpful) and MySQL governor (again, not always helpful).

Advanced Webstacks

Serve more traffic using fewer resources. Our optimized webstacks feature high-performance tools such as NGINX, Varnish and MemCached. If you need a Linux panel, this probably isn’t for you.

  • Much faster than standard LAMP stacks
  • Best-practice server configurations for how high-traffic hosting
  • More efficient usage of server resources with advanced caching
  • Scalable into multi-server, load balanced clusters

Below is a list of all of the things we’ll support for you:

NGiNX webserver support

Our team will fully assist you with all the tricky configuration settings, like excluding or adjusting cache times per URL, via method, cookies, or any other server variable. If it has to do with NGiNX, we can support it.

MariaDB and XtraDB support

Get support for installation, configuration and optimization of MariaDB with XtraDB. XtraDB is a great drop-in replacement for InnoDB and is fully backwards compatible.

Varnish cache support

Varnish accelerates your heaviest dynamic PHP websites providing realtime responses and instant page loads for your pages, irrespective of how complex they may be.

MemCached support

Powerful in-memory caching, used in accelerating dynamic content dependent on high database performance and throughput. Caches database, and API calls, and the result is a realtime response when clicking through even the heaviest database driven dynamic websites.

Need something more advanced?

Have complex requirements? No problem! Leverage our team’s extensive performance optimization experience and benefit from industry-leading professional services.


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