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Managed Cisco Firewalls

Get Frontline Security with Cisco ASA Hardware Firewalls

Get a completely managed Cisco ASA 5500 series firewall to protect your servers and applications. Your firewall is your first line of defence against technological hooligans that want to do you harm.

Our Cisco ASA firewalls are delivered completely managed. You will receive support from certified Cisco CCNA engineers that will preconfigure your firewall to suit your operating requirements to both protect your server, and provide VPN inbound access for secure management of your infrastructure.

Benefits of Managed Firewalls

Expert Support

Just think of EuroVPS as an extension of your own IT team. Our Cisco engineers are highly qualified and available 24/7/365 to help support your Cisco ASA firewall.

Reliability and Redundancy

Your solution is protected by a 100% network uptime promise. Plus, all of our firewalls are delivered with redundant power supplies, plugged into discreet A/B feeds.

Dedicated Just for You

Firewalls are single-tenant. You will not be sharing hardware with other customers and have the full power of the device at your disposal for traffic filtering.

Ability to make it N+1

If you use your Cisco ASA for site-to-site-vpn your uptime requirements are massive. In cases like this, we can setup your firewall in failover configuration with two devices. Failover is instant in the case of firewall hardware failure.

Available Firewall Models

We offer the entire suite of Cisco ASA 5500 series firewalls.

Firewall ModelMaximum Firewall Traffic (Mbps)Maximum Connections
Cisco ASA 5505Up to 100Mbps10,000
Cisco ASA 5510Up to 100Mbps10,000
Cisco ASA 5520Up to 450Mbps280,000
Cisco ASA 5540Up to 1Gbps1,000,000

Looking for a Software Firewall? Software Firewall support is included in our free Server Hardening Service


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